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Man forces fellow tenant to touch his Katundu

Man forces fellow tenant to touch his Katundu

A 28-year-old Bulawayo woman was left horrified and scared after her 26-year-old fellow tenant stormed into her room and sneaked into her blankets before he allegedly forced her to touch his Katundu

The woman from Mahatshula North suburb was left scared when Forgive Mugorogodi apparently in a desperate bid to s*duce her sternly ordered her to touch his Katundu which was hanging out of his p*nts.

Allegations are that on 17 March 2022 and at around 10pm Mugorogodi went to the victim’s room while she was asleep and asked her to accommodate him under the guise that he wanted to watch TV.

The seemingly suspicious victim refused but Mugorogodi insisted before he forced himself into the victim’s room and sat on the edge of the bed.

After some time, Mugorogodi sneaked into the complainant’s blankets, and sensing danger, the victim jumped off the bed and took a bed sheet to cover herself since she was only wearing underwear.

A daring Mugorogodi forcibly took the bed sheet off the victim and the helpless victim later took a skin tight from the wardrobe and wore it.

Mugorogodi reportedly pulled the victim to the bed and started caressing her.

The complainant tried to escape but failed to do so since Mugorogodi kept a tight grip on her.

The victim later managed to escape and Mugorogodi took out his katundu and asked her to take it back if she wanted him to go out of her room and the frightened victim complied.

Mugorogodi further ki**ed the victim on the cheek and quickly went out heading to his room.

The traumatized victim went and reported the matter to the police leading to Mugorogodi’s arrest.

Following his arrest Mugorogodi was brought before the court charged with indecent assault as defined in Section (67) (1) (a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

Mugorogodi who pleaded not guilty was remanded out of custody to March 29 on $7 000 bail.

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