Man Go On Hunger Strike After Being Dumped

Kelvin Mumpangwe from Zambia has taken to social media to cry after being dumped by his fiancee. He lamented that he sacrificed everything for her long time lover, only to be disappointed, something he never expected. For the past four days now, he has refused to eat nor drink anything due to the heartbreak.

Kelvin Wrote:

Five months just after putting a ring on your finger you break my heart, the thing that i feared the most has come my way.Sacrificing_in_vain four year of vanity, i chose you over my church, over my family, i rejected a lot of ladies because my heart only wanted you, a lot of people made themselves my enemies coz i chose you, i cant figure it why, how? Is it because i dont have a car? Or am not good looking? Or you wanted more than i could offer? The pain is unbearable. God knows deeply i loved you but since you want more, its fine am a man i will pull through. For four days now i cant swallow food. Lusaka is bad. Go play well, God know i truly loved you. Insulting me and burnt the pic we took together, what has that boy offered that i didnt offer

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