Man Hangs Himself To Death With Shoelaces

A Man suspected to have been in transit from Zambezi District to Kitwe on the Copperbelt has allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

The deceased who has only been identified as Sachala is alleged to have hanged himself to a tree using shoe laces in Chizozu area.

Outgoing North Western Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said the body was discovered in a decomposed around 06:00 hours. Chushi said police are yet to establish what could have led to the suicide.

He said the deceased was found with a bus ticket indicating that he was traveling from Zambezi to Kitwe on the Copperbelt. “Officers also found a black jacket, black shoes, grey shirt and a cell phone at the scene while the deceased was only wearing black trousers,” he said.

Chushi said police proceeded to bury the body at Chayana cemetery in Chizozu area because it was in a decomposed state and marked the grave.

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