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Man to pay K800 for insulting mother-in-law

A man of Ndola aged 30 has been ordered to pay K800 by Kabushi Local Court after he was found guilty of insulting his mother-in-law.

Jonas Chalwe was sued to court by his mother-in-law, Nora Chungu, of Twapia Township, for defamation of character and insults.

Chungu told the court that recently Chalwe went to her house to see her daughter because the two had a child together but were no longer together.

She said Chalwe started arguing with her daughter because he wanted to get his son so that he could introduce him to his relatives.

“When I was in the house, I heard the two quarrelling and when I asked my daughter, she told me that he wanted to get the baby so that he could introduce him to his relatives but he was too drunk,” she said.

Chungu said she told him that he had not bought clothes for the child, hence it was not going to be advisable to even show the toddler to his relatives.

She said Chalwe got upset and started insulting her and called her names in the presence of other people.

“So I decided to sue him because this is not the first time he is doing this. He is fond of insulting each time he comes to see the child, who he does not even support from the time he was born because the only thing he bought for this child is one nappy and a vest,” she added.

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