Musonda write:

  1. Someone comes to you, “boi naliponya ifumo, I feel terrible, I feel so dirty, I can’t forgive myself, I can’t deal with it boi, cawamafye injipaya”
    Naiwe waima wayashimikilako ka Jane, ka Jane ako kuli Brenda, Brenda nankwe uyo kuli chi Cecilia. After 4 days the Person who aborted hears her story from her Landlord encouraging her. She starts wondering how the story got to her landlord, she then concludes this story is over, anyone who looks at her, she thinks nabeshiba ati aliponya ifumo, what next! Kuipaya because she can’t stand the shame.
  2. My male Friends, one of us catches his wife with another Man, holds himself, comes to you, “my guy, I caught my wife with another Man, I can’t deal with it, I am so depressed man.”
    Naiwe waima wayebako ka Zimba, ka Zimba nako ako kaima kayebako Chanda, chi Chanda naco ico caya kuli Chilekwa. Pa last umu guys hears his story from someone he never wished he should hear about it. Palasti bakaamba umu guys apishamo pen zoona, so ine I will be moving in the streets and people will be like uyu balimulila abakashi, uyu abakashi lihule, and you know how sometimes efyo fyaba ifintu, others will be like umu guys kanono. P last umu guys ni suicide.
    We, the society have contributed so so much to these suicide deaths nomulo wesu. Lekeni umulomo ba shetani imwe.
    My wife and I have been married for 4 years now, we do not have a baby yet. Our neighbors, society, workmates and even the people that we are so close to have already concluded who has a problem. Thank God for the 2 families from myself and from my wife’s side, they have been so supportive and through it they have made us to love each other even more. I used to be so depressed because I really love children but hey! my wife has learnt to love me through it all and I have like wise.
    Ba Shetani please please learn to keep what someone confides in you to yourself, mwendoahi shikalamba nimwe.
    When someone confides you, the next person you should tell that story to, is the person with a solution.


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