Minister Of Health Dr Jonas Chanda Finds Expired Drugs At ZAMMSA

Various medical supplies and products at Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) have expired due to over procurement while others are due to the change of treatment guidelines in Zambia.

Among the expired are essential drugs like Aminophylline, insulin, hydrogen peroxide, cloxacillin oral, eye drops and family planning pills microgynon.

Expired Drugs at ZAMMSA

This came to light when Minister of Health, Dr. Jonas Chanda visited ZAMMSA.Dr. Chanda has expressed displeasure that medical supplies and products are going to waste when Hospitals do not have medicines and lab reagents.

He has warned that all the cartels that are sabotaging the government in the procurement system will be fished out.

Dr. Chanda has since directed management to submit to his office a comprehensive report on drugs that have expired and those that have been recalled and the amount involved by tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, ZAMMSA Operations Manager, Rachael Muyoma says the delay in disposing off the expired products was due to lack of funds.

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