Monze Resident complain about Frog Jumps Punishment

Monze Resident

Monze Resident complain about Frog Jumps Punishment for Not wearing Mask

A resident of Monze has complained about the alleged use of physical force on community members in the enforcement of COVID-19 regulations by Police officers.
Starting Wednesday, the Police Service in Monze launched an operation aimed at promoting adherance to COVID-19 regulations.
The resident who sought anonymity out of fear of victimization claims that he on Thursday morning witnessed residents being slapped by Police Officers and being made to do frog jumps as punishment for not masking up.
The residents, including well known locals were allegedly made to frog jump from the Catholic Church to PEP Stores.
He commends the Police Service for their effort in promoting adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures, however saying the use of force is uncalled for.
But Monze Officer Commanding Robert Ngosa says he has no knowledge of such events occuring, but says he will look into the matter so he can comment from an informed position.
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