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Monze th!eves [email protected] “body of Christ”

Monze thieves steal “body of Christ”

The people of Monze District in Southern Province have been left in total shock following the an abomination committed by local criminals.

According to church sources, some notorious local youths diverted from their traditional duty of milking cows and digging Lusala, and instead broke into the House of God named Hanjali Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church.

However, unlike town criminals who usually raid pentecostal churches to get loud speakers, keyboards and microphones; the Monze thieves found no such treasures as rural SDA churches, as usual, have only dilapidated wooden benches supported by burnt bricks.

Frustrated at their poor find, the criminals proceeded to break into what adventists consider the holiest room in their church called ‘Vestry’ where holy artifacts are kept.

It was whilst in this holy room that the criminals did something that not even Satan would wish to be associated with.

According to Church Elder in-charge of Communication, Alex Hachipuka, the criminals stole the Holy Communion and Wine used to celebrate the Lord’s Supper also known as Holy Communion and 13th Sabbath in the SDA circles.

In Christian circles, the stolen bread represents the body of Christ and the Wine His blood with the ceremony to consume the same being done in memory of the reported death and resurrection of Christ.

With Sabbath due to commence today at 17 00 hours, it remains to be seen if the church will agree to use Shoprite Bread as a replacement.

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