Mr Mwenya Musenge Rejoins PF

MWENYA Musenge has apologised for his “unpalatable” sentiments aimed at President Edgar Lungu and Patriot Front during his time as National Democratic Congress (NDC) secretary general.

The jobless former Copperbelt minister says he is now ready to work with the PF as an ordinary member.

Musenge rejoined the ruling party yesterday after being expelled alongside NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili in 2017 for gross misconduct. Following their expulsions, Musenge and Kambwili formed NDC but their comradeship soon crumbled leading the former’s expulsion.

As Musenge returned “home”yesterday,he declared his readiness to be an ordinary member of the ruling party. Before yesterday, Musenge was a secretary general of a little known political party, Agenda for Human Development (AHD).

He announced that all members of the same AHD met and decided to rejoin the ruling party, saying there was less time for AHD to mobilise members ahead of the August general elections.

Musenge said AHD decided to go back to PF because of the leadership that President Edgar Lungu had shown on so many issues affecting the nation.

He said in as much as the country was not being managed properly, he feels the PF had the potential to revive the nation.

And welcoming Musenge to PF at a ceremony in Kitwe, mobilization chairman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM said the Zambian economy under PF has been well managed and performing well compared to other countries.

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