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Mumbwa shylock receives [email protected] in place of debt payment

Mumbwa shylock receives be#ting in place of debt payment

A TWENTY-one year old lad of Mumbwa District has been locked up by police for savagely beating up a man twice his age whom he owed money.

Rainford Moonga aged 43 was beaten blue black and his only crime, was to ask young Cloud Sikate to pay back the money he owed him.

From the ordeal, Moonga is now nursing deep cuts on the stomach, head and left arm.

Between sobs and dripping mucus, the victim narrated to police the events leading to his pummelling.

Moonga explained that Sikate had borrowed money from him and when he had not paid back after several weeks, he decided to pay him a home visit around 17:30 hours in Mwanamango area yesterday.

On arrival at his debtor’s house, Moonga was shocked that instead of negotiating for debt restructuring program like the Zambian government was doing with International Monetary Fund, Sikate enrolled him in a brutal beating session using a plank with sticking nails.

When his tormentor seemed to run out of energy, Moonga made a hasty escape jogging through the streets and jumping over several pools of rainy water enroute to police.

Central Province police commissioner David Chileshe has confirmed the incident saying Sikate had since been arrested and was currently in police custody awaiting a meeting with magistrate.


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