Mumpi Phiri Retires From Active Politics

Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says she has retired from active politics.
And Phiri announced that she has since reverted to the role of a housewife.
She said time has come for her to move away from politics and concentrate on cooking for her husband and grand children.
Phiri, who is also a PF member of the Central Committee, said she does not deem it fit to continue with politics.
She appealed to other older politicians to enhance her stance and leave room for fresh and young politicians.
Phiri added that Zambia needs fresh ideas from young people ready to develop the nation.
“There is so much one can do after leaving politics and I for one will be spending more time at home as a house wife, I missed cooking for my husband and just being a house wife and now this is a chance,” Phiri said. “I am so happy that as I leave politics today, I still have my marriage intact. I had asked God to preserve my marriage when I embarked on this journey to work for the people of Zambia and God answered my prayers.”

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