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Murdered Dr Mwengwe’s Car Was Found At A Yard In Chilenje

A witness has testified how two men charged with the murder of Veterinary doctor Evans Mwape Mwengwe dismantled the deceased’s Mercedes Benz motor vehicle from her yard.

Haness Kalasaula, 35, a Chilenje resident, said Josat, who was her mechanic, on June 14, 2021 went to her house in the company of his friend Keegan and told her that he had found piece work from someone who wanted to sell a car.

Josat Tembo, Keegan Zulu, Kenani Jere and Doris Nduba are charged with murder of Dr Mwengwe.

The four allegedly killed Dr Mwengwe after he offered them a lift between Kabwe and Lusaka on June 10, 2021 but they pleaded not guilty.

Kalasaula said when Josat and Keegan went to her place, Josat whom she has known for over five years and has been working on her car, asked if he could park the Mercedes Benz at her place since her yard was big.

She said Josat also told her that it would be safe for him to work on the car from there.

Kalasaula said she gave him two days to work on the Mercedes Benz from her yard.
She said on the same day (June 14, 2021), Josat left and returned after about 30 minutes with his friend Keegan, two other people, a male and a female and because she had already allowed him to work from her place, she even left home.

She said the four came with a Mercedes Benz. Kalasaula said after returning from where she had gone after about an hour, she found Keegan and Josat dismantling the car but the other two were not there.

She said Josat then told her that the owners of the vehicle were in urgent need of the money and could not wait until morning to dismantle the car.

She said Keegan and Josat dismantled the car and four tyres, the battery and rims were removed from the vehicle together with other parts.

“Two days later, Josat did not come back because I earlier informed him that he could only use my yard for two days,” she said.

“The following day, I found people removing spear parts and when I questioned them on who had sent them, I was told a name which I didn’t know,” she said.

Kalasaula said when she called Josat to ask him about the people who were removing more spare parts from the car, he said he knew them and added that it was actually the buyer who had sent them.

Later the same day, Josat, Keegan and another guy known as Lion went to pick spares.

And Kalasaula narrated how police officers went to her house on June 19, 2021 and informed her that the vehicle parked in her yard was a stolen vehicle which led to the arrest of Keegan.

Meanwhile, two more witnesses testified in the case. They narrated how Dr Mwengwe’s wallet was picked on Chikumbi road.
Anna Sinkala, 17-year-old of Chikumbi area narrated how her sisters, aged four and eight, picked Dr Mwengwe’s wallet as they were coming from school.

The court heard how the girls showed their mother, Leniya Sinkala, 32, the wallet after she returned from the market.

Sinkala narrated that she called someone only identified as Francis, who advised them to check the wallet for any contact details.

She said they found a business card for someone known as Majory and they phoned her but she told them that she would notify the owner of the wallet to pick it.

Sinkala said the following day, police officers went to her house and asked her children to lead them to where the wallet was picked from which led to the discovery of Dr Mwengwe’s body about 10 meters away from the spot where the wallet was.

Hearing continues on November 19.

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