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Murdered Dr Mwengwe’s Wife Testifies Before The Court

THE Lusaka High Court has heard how a girl led police officers to an area where she picked murdered Veterinary doctor Evans Mwape Mwengwe‘s wallet.
Late Dr Mwengwe’s widow Cecilia narrated to the court that her husband left home for Serenje on May 30, this year until June 10, when it was discovered that he had been murdered. She said she was in touch with Dr Mwengwe on June 10, 2021 as he called to inform her that he had started off for Lusaka.
Mrs Mwengwe said she was in touch with him and that he notified her when he reached Kapiri Mposhi that he would stop over in Kabwe to pick up his mother before proceeding to Lusaka.
She said at around 19:00 hours on the fateful day, Dr Mwengwe informed her that he had left Kabwe for Lusaka but that when she tried to phone him around 22:00 hours, his phone was unreachable.
She said she informed the family about the missing of Dr Mwengwe and they started searching for him but they could not find him.
Mrs Mwengwe said she later received information that her husband’s wallet was
found and a girl who picked it up led the police to scene.
She said at that time, she was at the lodge with other family members as they were waiting for an update.
Mrs Mwengwe said she heard one of her sister-in-laws crying and realized something wrong had happened to her husband.
She said on their way to the place where the wallet was picked, they met with police officers who informed them that Dr Mwengwe’s body had been found far from the Chikumbi gravel road.
And the deceased’s brother, Ignatius said Dr Mwengwe’s body was discovered in Kabangwe area with the jean trousers he was wearing burnt and partially undressed.
He said the ground where the body was laying was also partially burnt.
He said the body was tied around the neck with a rope that looked like shoe laces.
Meanwhile, another witness, David Tembo, testified how he received a call from a friend who told him someone was selling car tyres together with rims.
He said he bought the four tyres for K1,700 while rims were K1,800 after negotiating with the seller.
Lusaka woman, Doris Nduba is jointly charged with Kenani Jere, Keegan Zulu and Josat Tembo for killing Dr Mwengwe.
Hearing continues.

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