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Mutale Mwanza and Sarafina threaten to expose each other on facebook

Mutale Mwanza and Sarafina threaten to expose each other

There’s a screenshot trending on Facebook where the Admin of NKANI Facebook was sharing information about Mutale Mwanza and Serafina. below is what he wrote.

Yes bro, I can confirm that MM and
Sarafina fought, they argued badly over something and it didn’t end well. They cut contact, that’s why you haven’t seen sarafina around lately. Last week she tried to come and plead for forgiveness but MM chased her from the yard. She then slept at a lodge in Avondale. I am the one who actually took her things to her after MM packed them in plastics and throw them out of the house. I also dropped her at intercity the following day . Now they both want me to use my page Nkani to fight each other but I am in a fix. They are both my people that’s why I have taken a back role and haven’t taken sides. It’s wild bro.
At some point they even threatened to expose each other on Facebook .

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