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Mutale Mwanza Fired From Hot Fm Radio

Media personality and brand influencer Mutale Mwanza has been fired From Hot Fm Radio station where she worked as a presenter on the Red Hot Breakfast Show.

This was confirmed in a letter below

Dear Ms Mwanza,

It is with profound regret that I must inform you that management has decided to terminate your employment with Hot FM with immediate effect.

We find your brand to be seriously in conflict with the Hot FM brand and values and can no longer allow this trend to continue.

Your latest antics are, in our view, highly disrespectful, unprovoked and unconscionable considering that they were targeted at an elderly national leader. It literally amounts to cyberbullying and we do not condone such in our values and principles.

We believe we have cautioned you enough in the last few months regarding your public conduct and warned you against dragging our brand and company down to your level.

Time has come to part company with you and we wish you well in your future endeavours.


Oscar Chavula

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