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Mutale Mwanza is not a role model. She’s just a beautiful thug. Simon Mwewa Lane

Mutale Mwanza is not a role model. She’s just a beautiful thug. Simon Mwewa Lane

Vlogger Zimone Mwewa Lane attacks Mutale Mwanza calling her a beautiful Thug. here is what he posted on his official Facebook page.

MUTALE MWANZA IS A DISGRACE TO THE FEMALE GENDER. She cried WOLF and I knew she would.Her last post before deactivating her account said, “I hope I look this beautiful in my casket”…sending her followers into a frenzy. Everyone was worried that this was a cry for help.

There was even a FASLE story that went around claiming that the VICE PRESIDENT’S OFFICE called Mutale to calm her down. I spoke to the Vice President’s office…they said no such thing happened.

Nobody from the VP’s office called Mutale.Then Chomba wrote an article calling for the arrest of Mutale for causing false “suicidal” alarm…and that’s when Mutale burst out of the gate with both guns blazing.Instead of explaining why she said “I hope I look this beautiful in my my casket” She went on a War-Path to expose her friend’s husband’s alleged escapades.Very few people caught what Mutale was actually doing.

She was deflecting attention from her alarming “suicidal” post and switching the conversation to Chomba’s escapades.Do you know which group of people does that? Manipulators.Manipulative people are good at deflecting attention from an unresolved issue and then focusing it on a different unrelated matter.

If indeed Chomba did any of those things, the fact is…that’s an entirely different conversation.The conversation here is that Mutale alarmed her followers and she implied that she was suicidal. She hasn’t dealt with that at all…she has only managed to raise the topic of “betrayal between friends”What was more appalling was Mutale’s use of insults.My gosh there’s nothing more UNATTRACTIVE than a woman with a mouth FULL of insults…and there are young impressionable Zambian girls out there that follow Mutale and they will start insulting people in the same way that she does…Kabili she “inspires” them.Chomba was wrong for talking about Mutale’s Son but as they say, “all is fair in love and war” Neither one of them were concerned about what they were saying about each other…they were saying anything and everything to destroy each other.

Then finally Mutale informs Chomba that her ex-husband from Kopala was coming to Lusaka with a truck load full of lawbreakers…implying that Chomba will be dealt with [ as if there are no laws in Zambia ] Mutale Mwanza is not a role model…she’s just a beautiful thug.SMLtv

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