My Body Will Not Be Turning In The Grave If Education Curriculum Is Reformed

Former Education Ministry Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Jobbicks Kalumba has said there is need for the country’s education curriculum to be reformed.
Kalumba said when he handled over power to his successor Joel Kamoko at the Ministry’s Headquarters in Lusaka today that he would be the happiest person adding that his body would not turn in the grave if the issue of curriculum was given attention.
He charged that Zambia is where it is today with regards to the education sector because of the “faulty” curriculum that the system has.
The former PS said Zambia would not be the same if the curriculum matter is addressed.
“This is the journey that you must begin with. I know there are several issues in the Ministry of education but I will be the happiest of all even if I die today, my body will not be turning in the grave once you address this issue of curriculum,” he said.
“Zambia is like this today because of the faulty curriculum that we have in the system. But am happy that the President spoke about this in his first address to Parliament. He talked about curriculum reforms, he talked about entrepreneurship. These things my brother once they are addressed in this country, Zambia won’t be the same.”
Kalumba stressed the need for line ministries like that of Technology as well as for Small Scale Medium Enterprises to buy into the vision of the Education Ministry.
“We want to look at PEU as small scale medium enterprise. And once schools are funded, believe you me five years from now we will have a generation that won’t be dependent on government resources. They will generate own income,” he said.
The former PS also encouraged his successor to conduct himself with intergrity.
Meanwhile, the newly appointed PS for Technical Services called for consented effort from all stakeholders adding that he is willing to be criticized.
Kamoko assured the general public that there will be a turnaround in the Ministry for the development of the country.
He acknowledged that expectation from the members of the public are high.
And Kamoko said money is exciting such that it’s easy for a leader to get and sort out a personal problem.
He however asked finance officers in the Ministry to guide with correct procedures.
Speaking at the same event, Education Ministry Permanent Secretary for Administration Nariana Muneku commended Kalumba for the services he rendered whilst in office.

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