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I’m a woman aged 27 and Six years ago I dated a nice hardworking guy. I was in University by then and he was already working. We were happy and we matched. He was my best friend. I was at the University of Zambia and he lived in kitwe, that was where we met and that’s where my family resides. Long distance relationships are hard but we made it work. He would come spend the weekend with me in Lusaka twice every month.

We dated for about three two years and he took me to meet his family. They all welcomed me and made me feel like a part of their family. My boyfriend even told his parents that he wanted to marry me and they were happy about this news. The following week, I took him to meet my family, my boyfriend stated his intentions and said he would marry me after I graduated. A week later I returned back to school. Things were going great until one day I received a call from my soon to be mother in law and informed me that my boyfriend had been involved in a car accident and that he died on the sport. She told me I shouldn’t go to the funeral because I wasn’t legally nor traditionally married to him. She even told me that the funeral would take place in another town, at his village.

I cried for weeks, I was depressed, I even went home and stayed for a month mourning my boyfriend. After a few years, I graduated from University and I found a job in Livingston. A week ago, I went to the mall and I saw my late boyfriend with pregnant woman and a child. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe my eyes so I walked up to them and his face said it all. Apparently, they all faked his death because the family didn’t like me. I’m still in disbelief, why would someone do something so extreme when he could have just told me the truth. I have so many questions and I’m wondering if I should ask his mother about this. They made me go through so much pain. I told my parents about this and they are equally shocked.

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