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Good evening Zambian stories, my friend had been seeing this woman for a year before he decided to ask her to be his wife. The last year that he had been with her, he was the happiest I had ever seen him, everything in his life was going well for a change. He started having conversations with me about wanting to marry her just three months after he met her, he said everything about her was what he had been looking for in a woman, he was talking about just how much he wanted to invest in her and their relationship. He finally asked her to marry him on the one year anniversary and it was really beautiful, he was really thoughtful and very romantic for doing what he did. After that, he did the needful and paid her lobola and that was when they started planning their wedding.
Everything had been going on well, the wedding preparations went on well and it was finally time for them to tie the knot. I was the best man and I made sure to be there for my friend and I was. We arrived at the church where the marriage blessing was going to take place at and as everyone else was all seated, waiting for the pastor to start the marriage blessing, the marriage procession started in a very lovely way. We all made it to our seats and waited for everything else to be done, a woman came in claiming to be one of the bride’s baby daddy’s sister. The bride and her family looked so scared and you could tell they didn’t want her to be there, they even tried to get her out of the church room before she could say anything but they couldn’t.

She then pulled the and I to the side and showed us a picture of the bride and her three kids, she showed us a picture of the bride pregnant and my friend couldn’t believe his eyes, this lady explained to the groom that the woman he wanted to marry had three kids with three different men and that the only reason she had to expose her was because the bride abandoned her child and this lady was the one keeping the child. My friend didn’t take this news well and that was when he collapsed, we rushed him to the hospital and soon after, he regained consciousness. The wedding was called off unfortunately and my friend is still trying to understand what happened and why. I feel really bad for him.

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