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My husband and I have been married for less than six months now and we were in a relationship for two years. My husband doesn’t like my friends, he has never liked them he always told me that they were bad influence. I have three close friends and we all have been in each other’s lives since childhood. They know a lot about me, they have been there for me at my darkest and brightest times, they were there for me when I lost my father, they were there when I had a miscarriage after trying to have a baby for so long, they helped me through university. They were there for me when I went through heartbreak after heartbreak, they were there when I caught my ex fiancé cheating on me.

Those ladies have been my rock. We used to go out a lot, we used to party just as much as we used to study. I’m the first one to get married among my friends and my husband wants me to stop being friends with them. I think it’s unfair and unreasonable to stop being friends with them just because they are not married yet and I’m just so disappointed that my husband thinks so shallow. My friends understand that we can’t go out till late in the night because I’m married but we do go out for lunch and dinners, branch and just talking. My husband is always checking in on me every minute when I’m out with friends and tells me to go home soon. He always has an attitude whenever I tell him that I’m going to meet my friends. I hate that his putting in this position, it’s like he wants me to choose between him and my friends. I can’t do that. Those women are my sisters. What should I do?

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