Good Morning Zambian stories
Is it possible for a mother to love her children equally? I have four siblings and my mother treats them better than she treats me. I’m the second child and I have two younger sisters and one elder brother. Ever since we were little, she treated them better than me. I’m the only one who works among my siblings and my mother makes me pay rent in my own father’s house and I also buy groceries for the house, and I pay electricity bills. I honestly have no problem doing this, it’s just that she treats me like her slave. My elder brother is a drunkard and my mother treats him like an egg. My two sisters are brats. One is 23 and she has a two year old boy and the other one is 19 and she’s pregnant. My mother did not discipline them when they got pregnant instead she continues to treat them like her princesses.

I work really hard for my money and I don’t even enjoy it. I opened up a small business and I asked my brother to help run it but he ended up stealing my money so i had to close it down. When I reprimanded him, he complained to my mother and she shouted at me. I do everything for them. I pay college tuition for my sister and I also take care of her kid. When I discipline her child, she calls me a witch and tells me I’ll never have a child. She keeps making things worse by failing her courses and I have to keep paying for her. I really love my mother and I try to do everything for her to treat me like her own. I had been saving money and I bought her a small car because she was always complaining. She rejected the car I bought her and said I should give her my car instead.
I recently started dating and I’m scared that he might lose interest in me because my family is always telling him bad things about me. They told him that I sleep around and that’s how I’m able to take care of them 🙆 . I barely have time because I’m always working for them. They managed to scare away my ex boyfriend by telling him bad things about me, I don’t want to lose my current boyfriend because of them.

I’m really tired of them and I’m thinking of leaving them to take care of themselves. I’ve tried to do everything to make them live a comfortable life but they don’t appreciate it.
I tried to move out once but my mother refused. My mother has never showed me love and I’m tired of living like this. What would you do if you were in my situation?

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