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I recently moved into a very small house after going through the worst financial situation. My husband and I were married for fifteen years and we have three children. During the course of our marriage, he had a very good job and so did I, he trusted me with handling our finances as I did it so well during our initial phases of our marriage. We later started a business together and I was the one handling it because he’s job was too demanding.

I managed the business so well that I ended up quitting my job to be a full time business woman and he was proud of me. After some years, my husband retired and opted to go live on a farm, he said he wanted to reignite his passion for farming, i on the other hand, didn’t want that kind of lifestyle so I decided to stay back in the city. My husband was away for quite a lot of time and I began to feel lonely so I found myself in the arms of a younger man. He was so passionate and fun, I didn’t realize how much fun I had missed until I met this young man. He reminded me of my single days and wild nights. It was like an Addiction.

My husband didn’t suspect a thing because he was too busy being a farmer. Little by little, I started spending a lot of money on my new fling, we were going out quite a lot, he was asking me to loan him money and I did, he would ask me for money every week and I gave him every time. He even convinced me to buy him a car. Yeah I was in too deep. After a year of living luxurious, the business started collapsing, we were making money but the money was going straight into my boyfriend’s pockets or on partying. I even started borrowing money. I didn’t tell my husband about any of it because I thought I’d fix things without him knowing.

After some months, the business was down and my boyfriend, seeing that I no longer had money, he left me. My husband then found out about what was happening at the company and he got really upset after learning about what I was doing, he found out about my affair and about my debts. Surprisingly, he offered to pay off my debt with the condition that I move to the farm with him. I never admitted that I cheated on him or that I caused our business to fail. I had too much ego to admit my wrongs. I was living in a five bedroom apartment and because of my stubbornness, I hade to move into a one bedroom house. I didn’t want to apologize to my husband because even when I knew I was wrong, I didn’t want to admit it. I’m still trying to find the courage to admit my wrongs to my husband. I don’t want to live on a farm, I just wish he could pick me up financially without the condition that I apologize and move to the farm

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