I’m a married man and I’ve been cheating on my wife. My wife and I have been married for eight years and we have Two beautiful children. two years ago, I met a young lady at a bar and we started flirting, and later decided to start dating. I didn’t tell her that I was married. Three months later, she wanted to come to my house So in order to maintain my lie, I had to rent out an apartment and lied to my wife that I’m going on a business trip. I invited my girlfriend over and she stayed for a week with me. After that, I went back home.

My wife and I have always respected each other’s privacy so we never checked each other’s phones. Things were going great and I managed to lie to the both of them. I managed to make them both Happy. I’m a business man so I managed to make time for my side chick. I went on a business trip outside of town, I was there for two weeks and I met another fine looking lady and we liked each other at the first glance. So I decided to date her. I thought I would manage this because she is in a different town and I used to work in that town a lot.

A few months ago, my first side chick fell pregnant and I told her I wasn’t ready so she had an abortion. A month later my other side chick fell pregnant and I told her the same thing I told the first side chick. I’ve been seeing these ladies for close to two years now and I just discovered that they are both pregnant. one is three months pregnant and the other one is Two months pregnant. They both refused to abort the pregnancy. This really stressed me but I didn’t have a problem with taking care of my unborn babies.

A week ago, I lied to my wife that I’ll be going on a business trip but I was going to spend a few days with my first side chick, while we were sleeping, this girl went through my phone and discovered that I’m married and that I have another pregnant girlfriend. Somehow she managed to control herself and sleep that night. The next morning, she contacted my other girlfriend and asked her to come, she pretended to be my sister. The next day, she told me she was going into town but really she was going to meet up with my other girlfriend.

Later in the day, they decided to come to my house I don’t know how they figured out where I live, they got home and explained everything to my wife. I got home to the biggest shock of my life. I found the two ladies and my wife seated in the living room. I was so scared, My wife looked at me like she wanted to strangle me. The two ladies shouted and insulted me. They told me they want full support of the unborn babies and that I should be giving them at least k5000 each month which I accepted.

it’s been a week now and my wife has been acting like everything is fine, she still talk to me and she shows me respect. I’m really scared cause I don’t know what she’s thinking. I’ve been feeling really depressed. I don’t know what to do because I know she’s not happy and I’m scared she might poison me or kill me in my sleep.

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