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Good Morning Zambian stories.
I’m a married woman and before I got married,I used to be a sex worker. I become a sex worker because i lost my parents at a very young age and non of my relatives ever wanted to take care of me. My aunt raised me but she never treated me well. When I was 16, she started introducing me to men, one time she brought me a very tight and revealing dress, she even put makeup on me. A man came and she locked me in the room with him. He raped me that night and he gave my aunt money. That went on for a while and she threatened to chase me if I ever told anyone about it.

Years went by and I got used to it. My aunt would use me to make money and she never gave me anything, she would only buy me tight dresses and hair. When I was 19, I decided to run away from her house. I went to live in the streets, there i met other girls who had been victims of abuse and rape like me. I tried going around looking for a job but I never found one, I wasn’t really good at anything. I tried washing clothes for people but the money i was making wasn’t enough to sustain my needs.

I then continued doing what my aunt told me I was good at. Sleeping with men for money. My friends and I would go in the streets and wait for men to pick us up. life became to look up for me because I was making money. One night, a man I met convinced me to go with him to Livingston and I went. We stayed there for two days and as we were getting back, he beat me up and dumped me in the middle of nowhere. I managed to get back to Lusaka and I continued doing my job. I did this for a year and one night, I was in a club and I met a very nice guy, he took me to a lodge and he didn’t touch me but he gave me money. He got my number and he left me there.

We started talking and he asked me to quit what I was doing and that he liked me and wanted to marry me. I was skeptical about this because I didn’t believe a man would love me. I believed I was only good for my body. He rented me an apartment and he took me to a therapist. I received treatment because I realized that I had so many traumas that I needed to heal from, and after a year, he married me. He never told his family about my background because according to him, they wouldn’t have accepted me.

We have been married for four years and I’m currently pregnant. I thank God because I never got infected with any serious diseases and my aunt made sure the men she brought to me used protection and she used to get me tested Every now and then. The problem is that he’s sister has found out about my past and she has been making me go through hell.She never liked me because she wanted my husband to marry her best friend. She has been threatening to tell my in laws and she assured me that they will make my life a living hell. She wants me to live my husband and go far away. I told my husband about this and he promised me that nothing bad will ever happen to me.

My husband has always been a Mama’s boy and I’m scared that he might listen to his parents if they find out. I’m pregnant and I’m almost due, my sister in law has given me a month to leave or she will expose my past.

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