I’m a 50 years old man and I divorced my wife six years ago. Three years ago, I decided to remarry. I married a younger woman, 26.I have two children with my first wife, a young man 25 and a young lady, 19. I met my wife on social media, I met her a year after I got divorced. We only physically met after Four months of exchanging messages online and phone calls.

After I got comfortable I decided to plan a date, I took her to a fancy restaurant and we had dinner. After a week, I introduced her to my children. My daughter didn’t like her, as for my son, he seemed happy to meet her. I was happy that my son was happy for me and I understood my daughter, she thought my new woman was too young for me. I fell in love with her and I decided she was the one for me. She was very sweet and gently, she would come home and cook for me, she was a very good cook.

My two children lived with me and I asked my girlfriend to be visiting every weekend so that she and my children could know more about each other. She didn’t mind she was a good person and she was always kind to my daughter even though my daughter didn’t like her. after a year of dating her, I asked her to marry me and she agreed. We got married just after one month of her being my fiance.

That day my daughter warned me that I would regret it, she told me I was making a big mistake, she didn’t even attend the wedding. I married the love of my life and she moved in with me and my children. My daughter didn’t like this so she decided to stay with her mother instead. I asked my wife to stop working, because I was able to take care of all her needs. Before I married her, she never asked used to ask me for anything. I gave her money without her asking.

We’ve been married for three years and I have just discovered that she has been cheating on me. She has been spending my money on her boyfriends, taking them on dates and buying them expensive things. I’m a business man so I go on a lot of business trips. I would leave her at home with my son and little did I know that they have been sleeping together.

I started suspecting my wife when she started spending money like it fell from the sky, I didn’t even know or see what she was doing with the money. She always came up with an excuses as to what she was doing with the money and I believed her Everytime. I hired a private investigator to investigate my wife. I learned that she only married me for my money. The investigator brought me enough evidence to see the kind of woman I married.

Apparently, she stated sleeping with my son before we even got married. I confronted them both and they tried to deny it but after showing them proof, they confused to what they had been doing. My son said he was seduced and she said it was the work of the devil. I have chased them both, my son went to live with his mother. This woman has been calling me and asking for forgiveness and a second chance. I’m planning on divorcing this woman and as for my son, I don’t know what I’ll do with him.

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