Namakau Mubita Passes Grade Nine With Astonishing Results


Namakau Mubita is a young brilliant girl who scored 596 in her grade nine exams making her the most brilliant student of the year 2021. She narrated her story about how she lost her father the year in which she was born. She later lost her mother when she was just four years old. Namakau is the last born child of her late parents and the only girl. Namakau then went on to live with her uncle, her late mother’s young brother who took very good care of her. Her uncle helped her through school financially through his work of being a farmer. Namakau expressed her gratitude to her uncle for having been so caring towards her ever since she lost her parents.

She was presented an award for being the best performing grade nine examination student of the year 2021 surpassing 275,545 students who sat for the examinations. She was gifted a sum of twenty five thousand kwacha (25,000) from well wishes who couldn’t help but be impressed by the young girl’s brilliance.

Her results reads as follow
-LOZI = 94
-ENG = 98
-I.S = 100
-R.E = 100
-SOC = 95
-B.S = 98
-COM = 100
-MAT = 100

Namakau Mubita has proven that you can achieve all your goals by hard work and determination. You can make it no matter where you’re coming from. You can do big things and make an impact in the society.

Congratulations Namakau Mubita. You have given so many people hope with your brilliance. Continue working hard. We are proud of you.

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