Nawakwi Seeks Contempt Charges Against Hambulo’s Children

EDITH Nawakwi has asked the Lusaka High Court to cite her step sons for contempt of court, for instituting criminal proceedings against her in the subordinate court before they were stripped of their position as administrators of their father’s estate.
Mulundu on behalf of his siblings lodged a complaint against Nawakwi in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for interfering in the affairs of the estate of his late father by holding on to his properties and moving farm machinery from his premises in Makeni to her private farm in Chisamba.
On February 24, this year the Lusaka High Court ordered the Office of the Administrator General to take possession of the estate of Hambulo until it decides whom it will grant the authority to manage the same.
Judge Dorcas Malama said there are interests in the deceased’s estate that require protection in the interim pending determination of the main matter.
“Leaving the deceased’s estate in question to the care of no one whilst the main case is pending may be detrimental to the beneficiaries and the case as a whole,” judge Malama noted.
She further warned the parties to desist from dealing with Hambulo’s estate in any way without the requisite legal authority.
However, according to an affidavit in support of ex-parte summons for leave to commence contempt proceedings, Nawakwi said on January 31 the court directed that none of the parties should perform any action that would affect the estate of Hambulo.
Nawakwi said on February 24, the court prohibited the parties from interfering with the estate without legal authority.
She said contrary to the direction of the court, Mulundu and Mweemba have initiated criminal proceedings against her claiming that she has inter-meddled with the administration of the estate of Hambulo.
“This court will note from the application made by the alleged contemnors at the subordinate court that the issues raised in the said application are the same issues that have been raised in the matter currently before this court,” Nawakwi said. “The application by the alleged contemnors is frivolous, vexatious and aimed at undermining the authority of this court.”
Nawakwi said her step sons on February 19, issued a demand notice for non-payment of rent on behalf of one of the companies G. Hambulo Investments Limited.
She said the actions of Mulundu and Mweemba are tantamount to Contempt of Court.
“The alleged contemnor’s disobedience of the direction of this court is detrimental to the estate of the deceased,” said Nawakwi. “This is a fit and proper case which contempt of court proceedings should be commenced against the alleged contemnors. If the application is not regaled, I shall be prejudiced herein.”

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