The time nurses spend with patients also provides them with unique insights into their patients’ wants and needs, behaviors, health habits, and concerns, thus making them important advocates in their care.

It’s one thing to administer medication; it’s another thing entirely to cater for a patient’s emotional needs. Nurses regularly go above and beyond by bringing simple joys to their patients in a challenging environment that doesn’t always seem joyful.

On Sunday evening, 25th September 2022 at around 21:50, the above characteristics were exhibited by Enock Lupindula, a Male Nurse at Ndola Teaching Hospital who saved the life of a patient by holding on to her leg mid-air as she jumped off from the 4th-floor window.

“The patient initially attempted to end her own life by jumping from the 4th floor but got caught up on the ledge of the window and was saved by a male nurse on the 3rd floor.

For his heroic act, Lupindula almost also lost his life as he too had to be saved by a male besider from falling off the 3rd-floor Window,” a witness narrated.

“I heard screams coming from inside the ward my first instinct was that something was wrong. With one of the patients under my care during that shift,

I immediately rushed into the bay only to be met by a bedsider pointing me in the direction of a patient hanging by the widow who had jumped from the 4th-floor window above and was swinging on the ledge. I ran to the window, at a whisker I caught the leg of the patient within seconds as she had let go and jumped,” Enock narrated.

“I almost followed her down but by the grace of God, some male bedsider managed to hold on to my leg because at that point I was surely going to go down with her. I am glad a life was saved that night and I only escaped with minor bruises,” he added.

Enock’s act of bravely has not gone unnoticed by NTH Management.

Ndola Teaching Hospital

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