Off Duty Nurse Help Woman Deliver Her Baby By The Roadside

A 22 year old nurse of Munguwi district by the name of Taila Chakupewa, helped a woman who was in labour to safely deliver her baby by the roadside in a heavy downpour.

Details are that a pregnant woman who was in labour on her way to the hospital failed to continue the journey due to severe labour pains and a heavy down pour so she had to stop by the roadside.

Upon passerby’s noticing the condition of the pregnant woman, they rushed to the nurse’s house which was nearby and was off duty to call for help.

The nurse who remembered she swore to save lives, braved the heavy downpour managed to deliver the baby and letter took both the mother and child to the hospital.

We can only thank God for the Nurse who heroically saved the lives of both the mother and her child.

They are both in a stable condition.

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