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Parents visit your child in BH to Check if she’s still your single daughter or married

Dear Parents.

Your daughter in the university is an adult, but it is not a crime to visit her in her hostel or her off campus apartment once a while. Check if she is still your single daughter or married… Oh yes! Many of them do “marry” in school, but act single once they are back home.

They co-habit with their male partners, living like, and doing every thing, legally married couples do. They use the allowances you send them to feed your unknown in-law who they have become sex slaves to. Abortion is no longer an issue. The money you send to them can easily be diverted to handle this purpose.

All big cars with big Chiefs and politicians that park in front of female hostels every night, you know they ain’t waiting for business but your daughters. They wear gowns for the family in the house during holidays. Then when they are in school, wear skimpy pants and bra tops then jump from car to car in broad daylight.

You will be busy boasting….. “My daughter Natasha is in the University studying medicine, my daughter Sandra is in University studying engineering.” Hmmmm! University of Education or University of Marriage and runs? Many have even lost their admissions and will keep lying to their parents and collecting the money for handouts and accommodations.

They even arrange fake graduation and orientations with borrowed gowns and corper’s uniforms just so that they can send pictures to parents. Someone will marry them and their 5 years of lies may be covered forever. Please help them now. Pay them unscheduled visits today and thank me later.


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