Parents Who Won’t Send Their Children To School Will Be Arrested

PARENTS who will not send their children to school but opt to send them to sell water in town will be arrested, according to Ndola district commissioner Joseph Phiri.
Phiri said parents should take advantage of the free education policy by the UPND government.
He said it is disheartening to see a lot of children in the streets during school hours selling merchandise.
Phiri was speaking at a media briefing in Ndola following the increase of children selling water, lemons, among other items.
“We will have the police to arrest parents sending children to sell in the streets. We don’t want to see children selling in the streets during the time they should be in school,” he warned. “School is now compulsory. People in communities should ensure that all children are in school. It is just too much of children in the streets selling when they should be in school!”
Phiri said school heads should ensure they use the funds the government has disbursed to create more spaces for children.
He said the government was also monitoring the issue of pupils sitting on the floor because of inadequate desks.
“If we continue to allow these children to continue selling in the streets they risk getting pregnant. They risk being abused. So we don’t want to see this in Ndola district,” he said.
Phiri noted that protecting the girl child should be the responsibility of everyone.
Credit: The Mast

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