Patson Daka weds his ex’s bestfriend Suwilanji

Patson Daka weds

Internationally acclaimed professional Zambian footballer Patson Daka is reportedly married, but not to Grace Chilufya, the lady he dated for over seven years before ending the relationship last year. Pastson, 23, has chosen to spend his life with another fellow athlete Suwilanji Suwilanji, who is ironically Grace’s long time friend. A reliable source close to the story disclosed that prior to calling it quits with Grace, Paston had already been seeing Suwilanji. Latest information reveals that Suwilanji, who specializes in sprinting, has moved into the Leicester City player’s apartment in the UK.

There is another ‘bundle of joy’ development to the story, 22-year-old Suwilanji is already carrying a child for the athlete, who formalized their marriage by paying bride price and the couple got their marriage certificate at Lusaka’s civic centre two weeks ago.We wait for their marriage ceremony reportly scheduled for next month as we wish Grace, who has been a long time confidant to Suwilanji, well. Insert: Picture of the trio: Grace, Suwilanji and Patson years back.©NKANI