PF Links Trending Receipts K84,672 & K49, 295 To New Dawn Ministers

The opposition PF has linked the receipts that took rounds on social media carrying figures K84,672 and K49, 295 to the current ministers.
PF Acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa charged that Zambians are shocked and outraged to see the amount of money that UPND Ministers are spending on alcohol and entertainment amidst excruciating poverty and escalating high cost of living.
Chilangwa said this in a statement issued to the media today.
“The revelations on social media of two bills amounting to K84,672 and K49, 295 which known UPND Ministers spent on food and alcohol in one night has angered Zambians who are now asking where these cabinet ministers who have only been in office for less than 8 months and who until today had no wealth to talk about are getting such kind of colossal sums of money to splash at night clubs when the majority Zambians cannot even afford a bag of mealie meal or a bottle of cooking oil,” he said.
“What kind of leaders are these who can be indulging in excessive drinking and pleasure when the majority of our people are wallowing in abject poverty and are dying of stress and high blood pressure induced by economic hardships caused by the UPND’s failure to manage the economy?”
Chilangwa said the same people who condemned individuals from PF who were seen dishing out money to help the vulnerable, are the very people splashing hundreds of thousands of Kwachas on alcohol and exotic dishes.
He further charged that Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu has unfairly accused the police of being thieves when the real thieves are his colleagues in UPND who are now flashing huge sums of money in bars and night clubs.
The opposition party SG challenged President Hakainde Hichilema to discipline his rank and file and with immediate effect .
“…..put a stop to this kind of reckless and corrupt behaviour being exhibited by his own officials in Government before they morgage the entire treasury on alcohol, entertainment and other excesses,” he said.

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