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Police IG Directs Deputy Police Commissioners To Deal With Cadres

INSPECTOR General of Police Lemmy Kajoba has directed Provincial deputy police Commissioners to deal with cadres in markets and bus stations.

Mr Kajoba said police have observed with concern reports of harassment of members of the public in markets and bus stations.

He said one intervention is the deployment of police officers in markets and bus stations.

“I have observed with concern the continued reports of harassment of members of the public in some markets and bus stations by some suspected political cadres. To address this problem, I have directed all Deputy Commissioners of Police in Provinces to ensure that they devise mechanisms aimed at averting this problem in all markets and bus stations under their charge. One such intervention will be the deployment of police officers to markets and bus stations as a proactive measure,” Mr Kajoba said.

“This will enable us to respond to people’s concerns without delay hence protecting traders from those cadres who are trying to resist change in the running of markets and bus stations.
It has become a practice that whenever cadres notice the absence of police officers, they begin harassing the public and only escape the moment police officers are called in to restore order.”

He said country should not continue on that reactive route.

“My appeal to traders is that they should report individuals who are in a habit of harassing them to police officers who will be deployed and should always pay fees to officials from the local authorities and not cadres.”

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