Police In Ndola Arrest Teen Vampire

A THIRTEEN-year-old girl of Ndola has lodged in a strong bid for the title of ‘Zambia’s Most Bizarre Crimes’ after she turned into vampire and sank her teeth into the privates of a 4-year-old girl she kidnapped.

With names withheld due to the age of both the offender and victim, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Elias Chushi has revealed that police have detained a 13-year-old girl of Mapalo Township in Ndola for biting off the private parts of a 4-year-old fellow female child.

According to police investigations, the 13-year-old picked the toddler from a random yard in Mapalo Township and embarked on taking the child for prayers in Chipulukusu Township.However, passersby were alarmed by the wailing child who was also dripping blood.

They effected a citizen’s arrest and noticed that the infant had bite marks on her private parts and was bleeding profusely.Uncharacteristic of Zambian mobs which usually apportion beatings on offenders, the girl was handed over to Mapalo Police Station where she remains detained.

Meanwhile, police say that earlier in the day at 14:00 hours, Mary Kalima,40 the infants mother had reported to police of her child missing.

Meanwhile, the community of Mapalo has been divided over the incident with some saying the offender was involved in occult dark arts hence her puncturing the infant to drink blood whilst the less superstitious have alleged that the girl was insane.


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