Police Mistakenly Shoot A Man While Trying To Disperse Looting Mob In Kitwe

A 24-year-old man of Kitwe is battling for his life in Wusakile Mine Hospital after he was hit by a stray bullet as police were dispersing a looting mob.
Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the incident which occurred yesterday.
“Police on the Copperbelt have instituted investigations into a shooting incidence which occurred on 21st March, 2022 in Wusakile H Section in Kitwe township involving male Bernard Mbalwe aged 24 who is alleged to have been shot at by a stray bullet in the process of dispersing a looting mob. Our investigations endeavor to establish the circumstances that led to the shooting of Bernard Mbalwe who sustained gunshot wounds,” Hamoonga stated.
He stated that the victim sustained a bullet wound on his left arm and ribs.
“We would like to appeal to members of the public to be patient and allow the police to conduct a professional investigation standing on justice. The public will be informed on the findings of our investigations in due course,” Hamoonga stated.

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