Police Must Not Allow Political Parties Without Campaign Schedules

Advocates for National Development and Democracy ANDD says the Police must not allow political parties that will not avail their door to door campaign schedule to their office to campaign.

ANDD executive director Samuel Banda has told Smart Eagles that political parties should place the health of people first and avoid rallies during this campaign period.”

We wish to indicate that we have taken note of the violence that transpired in Kanyama compound between UPND and PF parties during door to door campaign and we are of the view that the solution to address this political violence political parties should be providing campaign schedules to the police service to ensure order and peace,” Mr. Banda said.

“We would like also to urge political parties to place the health of people first and avoid rallies during this campaign period. Politics should not endanger people’s lives, nor put our country at risk of a third wave covid 19 outbreak,” He said.

Mr. Banda adds that the Electoral Commission of Zambia, based on sound analysis, advised political parties to avoid holding rallies as they are super spreader events. ” We would like to advise political parties to instead focus on alternative means of campaigning such as door to door campaigns, radio, television, print and social media.

These are proven strategies that pose the least threat to the electorate. Let political party leaders show leadership by putting people’s health and well being first,” Mr. Banda said.

“We would also like to urge the police service to ensure all political parties adhere to the Covid 19 guidelines so as to safeguard lives,” He adds.

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