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Police officer Daliso Phiri was killed in Emmasdale

Police officer Daliso Phiri was killed in Emmasdale

On Wednesday last week 26th of January 2022, officer Daliso Phiri was walking home with a friend of his to emasdale police camp between the hours of 21 and 22, where he met a group of junkies on the way pretending to be patrol police officers, they were asked to stop and further demanded for any valuables they had with them,

when Daliso Phiri was trying to negotiate with the leader of the group and explaining to him that he was also an officer, one of the guys went behind him and struck him in the head with a plank.

He was unconscious for a while and further beaten in the head and other body parts multiple times. The officer suffered multiple head injuries and a broken jaw.

he was taken to levy mwanawasa on Friday evening 28th January 2022, where he was pronounced dead. The doctor ruled that the cause of death was brain haemorrhage and internal bleeding. May his soul rest in peacešŸ˜­

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