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Police warn and caution teacher of pupil found dead

Police warn and caution teacher of pupil found dead

POLICE in Luapula Province have warned and cautioned Esther Nanyangwe, the primary school teacher in Kawambwa who sent away a six year old pupil from class and was later discovered dead after missing for 13 days.

Luapula Police commanding officer Gloria Mulele told Kalemba that a warn and caution statement has been recorded from Nanyangwe while investigations into the death of Precious Kaunda, who was found floating in a river in Kawambwa, are ongoing.

It is reported that Precious went missing on January 17 this year and her body was later found floating on Ng’ona river by three boys who went fishing.

According to a police officers who visited the scene where the young girl was found, a physical check of Precious’ body revealed that her upper and lower lips were removed, as well as parts of the nose and private parts.


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