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Police Will Paint Trouble Makers During Elections For Easy Identification

Kakoma Kanganja has revealed that the new police canons have been filled with dye water and will paint anyone who foments trouble during elections for easy identification after the fracas and eventual arrest.

“When we find you with paint, we will ask you how you got painted and that will be our starting point,” Kanganja told the Zambia Daily Mail.

The Inspector General of Police also boasted that his unit had enough equipment such as short batons and teargas cannisters to police the forthcoming polls.

And addressing the violent events at the PF Secretariat, Kanganja defended police’s initial absence from the volatile event and their belated arrival after Innocent Kalimanshi and his motor vehicle had already been attacked.

“We’re on top of things as police. When that incident happened on Saturday, police went on the ground resulting in the arrest of some individuals,” he said.

The Zambian police boss has the proverbial nine lives as he has managed to keep his job despite several last warnings in the aftermath of every catastrophe

SOURCE: Zambia Daily Mail

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