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President Edgar Lungu has Given Kakoma Kanganja 4 days to give him a report on the two citizens who where gunned down yesterday

President Lungu has also directed the inspector general of police to use every resource available to fully investigate the murders as quickly as possible.And, president Lungu says he mourns with the families of Nsama Nsama Chipyoka and Joseph Kaunda, both of whom were killed by an unknown assailant or assailants yesterday in Lusaka. President Lungu says he has taken a moment to reflect on the murders which he has termed as senseless, and that he has also spoken to the inspector general of police to find out what could have really happened. He says just as earlier mentioned by the inspector general of police yesterday, police are investigating the matter for the motive and to find out who is behind the killings. President Lungu adds that the deaths of these two Zambians would, certainly have been avoided but it seems citizens have cast aside values as a country because people now believe politics or politicking must be their daily bread. He says people now believe it pays to spend time at police stations and courts, as cheerleaders of politicians, even over cases that they know little or nothing about adding that even after being cautioned against going to the police station in this particular case, citizens, many in sponsored transport traversed there. He says yesterday’s incidents were totally unnecessary to put it mildly, adding that, an individual, in his person, was called by the police to answer charges, and yet multitudes of uninvited citizens thronged the police station, where, in the meantime, a situation was created for mayhem and ended up with lives lost. The president further says that no one was above the law, including himself and that as long as he was president, he would not allow anybody to usurp criminal justice. He says now was the time for all to reflect as a country about the Zambia everyone wanted to live in adding that what unites the country was stronger than what divides it.

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