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President Rupiah Band Urges The Losers Of The Elections To Accept Defeat

FORMER President Rupiah Banda has advised losers in this week’s general election to graciously accept defeat and reorganise for the next election.
And Banda warns that any attempt by any entity to impose leadership would be an assault on the law and may jeopardise the peace that Zambia continues to enjoy.
Speaking from his office, Banda, who peacefully handed over power in 2011 after suffering a painful defeat to the then PF president candidate Michael Sata, said the winner in this year’s election should be magnanimous and show respect to the losers.
He added that elections have either a winner or a loser.
The fourth Republican President who received international accolades for peaceful transition of power, reminded political party candidates in the poll to emulate how previous electoral disputes have been resolved.
Banda further appealed to politicians to ensure that they do not destroy Zambia by resorting to retrogressive and divisive activities like violence, hate speech, ethnic and racial profiling in their campaigns

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