Press Statement On Public Abuse Of Medical Doctors In The Workplace

THE Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) is aware of a video circulating online purportedly showing a patient disparaging Medical Officers at the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH), Casualty and Emergency Area. Firstly, ZMA would like to commend its members for the exceptional professionalism exhibited in the face of immeasurable provocation. Yours is a calling and ethical vocation, but you are human too and we know to what extent you went to hold your ground. ZMA is immensely proud of you.

At a time where as a profession we are deep in the mud fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time where over 40 Medical Doctors have contracted COVID-19 in the line of duty and are currently under quarantine, at a time where doctors are battling depression and mental illness because of what they have witnessed at the battlefront in the war against corona virus, at a time where healthcare workers have been working tirelessly since the outbreak began in March without any incentive or compensation, the last thing we would expect is verbal abuse at the hands of a state agent. And while negotiations continue in the background to find amicable ways of motivating frontline workers, who at this stage of the pandemic means all Healthcare workers, we would like to remind the government that patience is not in perpetuity.

Going forward, the Zambia Medical Association has since launched its own investigation into the matter at hand in order to establish facts. In the meantime, we would like to reassure the victims that should the

alleged offender be found wanting, ZMA will use all of its available resources to make an example out of him by exhausting all legal channels, with ZMA bearing all costs. Additionally, we are aware that there was presence of Police Officers at the scene with multiple witnesses and so are hopeful that a criminal case has been opened against the aggressor. We will keep the membership and the public abreast with developments on this matter.

For God and Country
Dr. Masiku Phiri

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