what you eat and your lifestyle has a direct impact on your performance in bed.our mulamu is not happy because you don’t choose what you you age, your sexual perfomance is effected by your lifestyle,the high levels of sexual frustrations among women is as result of men who are clueless of what they must do to still maintain a good game in bed.alot of men are into a quick fix,so we turn to popping piles like blue diamond and other sexual enhancing piles and the banning of ka “power drink” has exposed alot of men’s ability to perform because alot of men became junkies.and unfortunately your wife can’t tell you how pathetic yo have become in bed so the effects are that alot of married women are out sourcing their pleasure due to our inability to do a thorough job.and please stop living in denial,you are ageing and you are not as good as you used to be in bed,leave the “rounds” narrative to the young at heart,ours is not of quantity but of quality,when you are over 40 don’t pressure yourself with this rounds will damage your heart and we will burry my humble appeal to men is to mind their lifestyle,mind what you eat, exercise regularly,manage your stress levels,and stop stressing about rounds.stop trying to conquer these Young girls,they are too thirsty for your age.please amwapilingi!!!

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