Sarafina ba kopala apologies

Sarafina ba kopala apologies


My heart is bleeding as I write this but I appeal to you all who will read this to give me a second chance as am only human and deserves that second chance.

I want to start by thanking you all for having been part of my journey upto where iam today. As many of you recall, the kopala journey started like a joke and little did I realize that I would create a small brand though crazy as it turned out to be but it’s that brand that has made many of you come to know me and u will forever be grateful to you all for your support in that episode of my journey through life .

I would like you all to know that my dream was to continue working hard as I did before the kopala brand came on scene for me to be able to support my child and my family and when the Kopala brand took off I got what I never expected and I guess the devil that lives on firminism got to my head that along the way I changed from being me to being something that am not proud of today.

On that little journey of firm I know I have injured alot of you both my relatives, my friends and people who had hope that I would be a normal artist.
I have looked back and listened to the audios of me cursing and am filled with nothing but shame and today I have made a decision to change the course of my journey.

I want to ask for one thing only from you all that you forgive me and give me a chance to change the course of my journey.

I know that many people who don’t mean well esp those who likes to see others suffer will always bring up my past especially the audios of me cursing. Please from today going forward any audio u hear of me cursing treat it as an assalt on the new character that am now building by my enemies.
But if I will do the things I used to do from today going forward, then I don’t not need your forgiveness.

Let me further take this opportunity to clear the air over the empowerement issue. Yes iam one of those artists who benefited from that empowerement program by the last govt for which I have no regrets and the agreement was that we had to pay back and I want to assure you all that I worked hard to grow that money to enable me to pay back even though I portraid myself as having lived large from the money from the larvishing lifestyle i put out in the media.

As I speak to you now I have since made a proposal to govt that we swap the entire debt I owe the minister of Tourism against what am owed by the institutions of govt where I participated in businesses.
Am glad that in all my foolishness I did not forget to do what was noble namely not to blow away the empowerement money in foolish lifestyles.

All I would like to ask of you all now is to find it in your hearts to forgive me for my past sins and help me build a new chapter with with your contributions written in it.

I further would like to ask all those who have intentions of bringing up my past esp through those foolish audios I made to search your conscious and give me a chance too because my kids are growing up and I would not want them to come and question me as to why I did those foolish acts.

I wish to promise you all that when I finish searching myself I would like to restart my kopala laaakaa acts except in a mature way this time around and I would love to ask your support. I promise I will be closely monitored by my mentors this time around and slipping off the rails won’t be an option.

Sincerely sorry yours faithfully

Sarafina NTENGA

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