Sarafina was claiming that i wanted to sleep with her – Chanda John Chimba

chanda vs Sarafina

Chanda John Chimba Write:

WONDERS SHALL NEVER END! So I blocked this chi girl sometime last year after she tried to have me arrested on trumped up charges. This year after I upgraded my phone from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 and got a new WhatsApp, contacts I had Blocked including her got unblocked. I only noticed she was unblocked when I saw her view my status and reply to my status. So today she decided to bring her annoying pocky nose to my inbox , I told her she was annoying then the began to make noise. LOL! She then started to send me messages Claiming that I wanted to “sleep” with her, an allegation which is disgusting and false, I knew the only reason she was writing that crap was to get screen shots post them on social media and make it seem true. I caught her pants down to her own game, just like I predicted she began to send screen shots in some group I am with her.. CHI SARAFINA CHI SAKA SANA!

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