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SDA man insults Dorcas Mothers for trying to separate him from sweet side chick

SDA man insults Dorcas Mothers for trying to separate him from sweet side chick

The Lusaka Boma Local Court has heard how a promiscuous adventist man chorused hymns of insults on Seventh Day Adventist Dorcas Mothers for advising him to leave his delicious side chick and return to his lawfully-wedded wife.

It is reported that 44-year old Grayson Kalengwa and Gertrude Simoya aged 37 became husband and wife in 2004 but that he left home in 2017 and moved in with girlfriend following a marital dispute over a piece of land.

In an attempt to have Kalengwa return to her and their three children, Gertrude explained that she sought the help of Dorcas Mothers from the local SDA Church they both congregated.

However, Getrude and the Dorcas mothers in their white headsocks and blue dresses got the shocks of their lives as Kalengwa drenched them in bus station insults, saying they had no right to ask him to leave his side chick who had brought inexplicable joy to his life and return to his marriage as if they were the ones who birthed him.

After years of lonely cold nights and hugging pillows in bed, Getrude decided it was time to move on and sued her husband for divorce in the Lusaka Boma Local Court last week.

Getrude explained that in the six years her husband had been away, she struggled to fend for the family single-handedly and in the process the couple’s first born daughter had flunked her Grade 9 examinations while their son dropped out of school in Grade 5 last year.

In justifying running away from his matrimonial home, Kalengwa told the court that Getrude always suddenly developed a headache or get tired whenever it was time for bedroom undercover action.

Kalengwa said besides not being available for sx, Getrude was as irritating as a leaking tap as she nagged him nonstop forcing him to run and move in with a more peaceful and ever-ready to be eaten side chick, whonhad even escorted to court on that day.

Since both parties agreed for a divorce, the court ended the marraige.

By Buumba Mwitumwa


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