See How Much MTN Spent For Their New Logo

By Melvin Simfukwe

A strong logo can have big impact on your business. Sometimes companies get it right the first time Nike for example. They’ve never had to revisit their logo.

But more often than not, a logo has to be tweaked or adjusted to keep up with shifts and changes in your company (or the design world). This is especially true for businesses with longevity (which is not a bad problem to have)—the logo you created in 1974 is probably not going to speak to customers in 2022.

And there are other legitimate reasons to pull your logo off the shelf and give it a solid once-over. When you do, you may discover that it is indeed time for a redesign.

MTN Zambia, can be applauded for the wonderful job they have done in redesigning their trademark Logo but unlike the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) who spent over K1,000,000 for designing and installation of their new Logo, the Telecommunication company (MTN Zambia) has spent in the north of K1,000,000 with a reportedly whopping sum of K1,374,567 which has been spent on their new Logo.

Institutions are are all about rebranding in this world full of competition. But a humble appeal to companies wishing to follow suit is that before you dismantle your existing Logo, take some time to ensure that a redesign really is what’s needed.Congratulations on this new journey MTN Zambia. New Year, New Branding.

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