See How Mutale Mwanza Has Insulted Her Trolls After Activating Her Facebook Account

With everyone waiting in anticipation to hear from Mutale Mwanza after she deactivated her Facebook Account a few days ago, well she is back and he does not have kind words for her trolls

See What She Wrote when she activated her account.

M – Nation 💣
Good afternoon !
Let me get straight to the point !
I deactivated my account the other day because I have been going through some shit and I needed a moment to recollect myself. That’s why everything I posted a few days ago is still here for all to see !!
Unfortunately this Motherfucker tagged in these images below decided to open an account and post images of me with doom and a suicide post ! Something I would never EVER EVER DO IN MY LIFE !!
First of all I can never kill myself no matter what !! I am NOT SUICIDAL AND I WILL NEVER BE !!
The evil in human beings bully me on social media every single day of my fucking life for shit i didn’t say or do ! Where do you get the time, energy & commitment to want to see me fail so badly ? What the fuck is wrong with you ?
Why do you create false stories about me every day ? Stop bullying me and spreading lies about me ! If you’re a failure and it pains you to see me succeed, go seek dialogue with God ! Don’t take out your frustrations on me mwembwa Imwe !!
We are all going through shit everyday because of constant bullying!
Listen, Firstly, i am going to get this motherfucker arrested for lying that I am suicidal.
Stop giving it attention ! Unfollow it !
Secondly, tell that dickless nigga calling for my arrest that I’ll meet him in court for calling for my arrest over a malicious post that I didn’t post !! Pussy ass niggas who fight women are weak !!
I am a strong fucking woman and I can never kill myself ! Stop fucking with me !
From today I’m going to stand up for myself on God !
Fuck that notion that celebrities must keep quiet ! You’re the same society causing depression because of your lies !!
Why is it so hard to spread love ?
Why are you so hateful ?
So malicious !
I am personally standing up to you and I’ll fuck up anyone trying to fuck with my mental state !

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