See Why Mutale Mwanza Deactivated Her Facebook Account

Zambia’s female socialite and Presenter Mutale Mwanza this morning caused a stare on social media when she made a post that suggested she might be thinking suicide. See Post below

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "Mutale Muw Mwanza 28m M- Nation Good morning hope I look this pretty in my Casket."

Social Media users did not take this well and trolled Mutale Mwanza, many went ahead to suggest she should end her life if she wants too because no one care. Others even reached as far as commenting with “RIP” massages.

Some of her followers got angry and blamed her for seeking attention. Instead of using her influence to help someone going through “Depression”

Well it seems this didn’t seat well with Mutale Mwanza who letter Deactivated her account.

This comes after the many suicide attempts and cases that have been recorded just in the first two months on 2022.

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